BARBAROSSA Music Trailer!

Music Trailer and Invincible Records are happy to announce the BARBAROSSA Music Trailer!

DeFox Records and INVINCIBLE Records are proud to announce the debut EP of italian death metal band BARBAROSSA.
The EP titled "He who walks alone" contains 5 songs in vein of Melodic Death Metal.
The digital release will be available December 20th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Barbarossa is a four piece Death metal band from Northern Italy formed in 2014.

The band recorded the Ep titled "Operation Barbarossa" that contain 5 songs influenced by Carcass, Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates.

Production by: Excellent Video,  ANL and DeFox Records
Video Directed and Post-production by: Denis JAxl
Assistant director: Mirko DeFox
Director of Photography: RRR Remi Real Rock
Concept: Mirko DeFox, Denis JAxl
Location: Ghost City - Italia

Music and Lyrics by: Lorenzo Telve, Davy Scarpellini
Copyright by: Defox Records 2016
Promotional Press Office: DvlGator Bureau
Music company: DeFox Records - Invincible Records - Artisti No Limits

BarbaRossa line-up:
Cristiano Perin: Drums 
Alex Omega: Bass 
Lorenzo Telve: Guitar/Vocal 
Davy Scarpellini: Lead Guitar

Album Tracklist
1 Confessions through torture
2 Operation barbarossa
3 He who walks alone
4 Into the gloom
5 Perverse aesthetic

Release dates: December 20th 2015
Release Code: DFX1618
UPC: 3614972329754

Artist site:
Label site: http://www.defoxrecords
Video Prod:
Video distribution:
Promotional office:

Special thanks to: 
Excellent Video troupe and crew, DeFox Records, Associazione Artisti No Limits, Best Magazine, Best Star Magazine, Best Comics, Eventi di A.N.L., Musica Follia, Playlist Radio, EuroMusicaTV,

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